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Christina Olson - School Director

After all 3 of Christina's children attended St. Andrew’s, she began teaching enrichments in the Kinder House in 2006. Over the past 12 years at St. Andrew’s, Christina has had the great pleasure of being the Lead Teacher for 2-1/2’s, 3’, 4’s and Kindergarten as well as numerous enrichments for 3’s and 4’s and Kindergarten.  Christina graduated from Dickinson College in 1988 and then received her Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from NYU.  In 1989, Christina began working with children and has spent the past 29 years as a teacher, coach and mentor. 

Cannavo, Pat.jpg
Mrs. Pat Cannavo
Assistant Teacher


2/3 day 2-1/2'S
Mrs. Kathryn Colao
Kindergarten Chef / Assistant

Mrs. Leeanna Gendron

Music Teacher



3 day 3's - Assistant Teacher

Kraft, Donna_edited.jpg
Mrs. Donna Kraft
Lead Teacher

3 day 3's
Mrs. Meagan Lynn

Lead Teacher



2/3 day 2-1/2's

Mrs. Molly Moore
Lead Teacher



Kindergarten/Kindergarten Wrap

Mrs. Susan Nadelberg
Assistant Teacher

5 day 5's
Mrs. Amanda Smith

Lead Teacher



4/5 day 4's

Cisek, Jeni_edited.jpg
Mrs. Jeni Cisek
Assistant Teacher


January 2 day 2-1/2'S
Donsky, Melinda.JPG
Mrs. Melinda Donsky
Assistant Teacher

3 day 3's
Mrs. Maika Heffernan

Assistant Teacher



4/5 day 4's

Libera, Karen.jpg
Mrs. Karen Libera

Lead Teacher



January 2 day 2-1/2's

Meazzacca, Danielle_edited.jpg
Mrs. Danielle Mezzacca

Lead Teacher



5 day 5's

Murphy, Colleen_edited_edited.jpg
Mrs. Colleen Murphy

Lead Teacher



Kindergarten/Kindergarten Wrap

Schmidt, Vladia_edited.jpg
Mrs. Vladia Schmidt
Lead Teacher

3 day 3's
Mrs. Maria Suarez

Spanish Teacher



5 day 5's & Kindergarten

Mrs. Clarissa Walsh
Office Manager

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