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The Enrichment Program provides a warm, caring environment beyond school hours. We offer exciting activities which stimulate children to be healthier and happier including construction, art activities, science exploration, cooking "around the world" among others. Enrichment Programs take place on our school facilities utilizing age-appropriate materials and equipment for students. 



  • Little Scientists

  • Animals A-Z

  • St. Andrew's STEM Lab

  • Alphabet Adventures

  • 1,2,3 Math!!!

  • Preschool Picassos

  • Books Alive

  • Get Ready to Read

  • Fairy Tale Fun

  • Story Time STEAM

  • Literacy for Young Learners

  • Road Trip Across the USA

1,2,3 Math!!!

Numbers! Shapes! Counting! We'll do it all with games, books, and fun activities! Get ready for math!

  • 2-1/2's & 3's classes

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Alphabet Adventures

Have fun with your friends in this Letter of the Week program that will use literature, crafts, science and sensory activities to help your child learn the alphabet and its sounds. Along the way on our adventure we will learn about a variety of topics that begin with our Letter of the Week. F is for FUN! 

  • 2-1/2's & 3's classes

Animals A-Z

Have a good time while learning about our special friends, the animals. Discover a new one each week! Books, crafts, projects and videos will help us learn fun facts about the animals we love. Don’t miss it!

  • 2-1/2's & 3's classes

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Fairy Tale Fun

Let’s go back in time…we will immerse your child in classic fairy tales and nursery rhymes that many, many generations grew up loving. We will read, retell, make crafts and play games as we explore lots of material from this important genre.

  • 2-1/2's & 3's classes

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Literacy for Young Learners

Stories, songs, rhyming, finger plays, sequencing, etc. will all be used to stimulate the interest in reading for our young learners. New stories will be discussed this semester. Come have some fun while developing a foundation of early literacy skills.

  • 2-1/2's & 3's classes

Little Scientists

Why do leaves change colors? How do flowers grow? Are plants alive? Why does it rain? Where does ice go? What makes night? Questions, questions, questions! Children are naturally curious about the world around them. We will nurture your children's natural sense of adventure and curiosity with activities that encourage children to explore, discover, and draw conclusions. It is our goal to encourage them to develop their own understanding of the natural world, to be natural problem solvers, and to learn through hands on scientific experiments.

  • 2-1/2's & 3's classes

Preschool Picassos

Come explore the works of famous artists like Picasso, Matisse and Van Gogh. Each week we will look at masterpieces created by famous and some not so famous artists. We will use similar techniques to produce our own individual pieces of artwork. The learning experience will be very much about the process and not the product. We will think about how we can use the materials we have to produce masterpieces of our own.

  • 4’s, 5’s & Kindergarten classes

St. Andrew's STEM Lab

Want to explore how electricity works? Why rainbows appear? How airplanes fly? Explore principles like density, buoyancy, air pressure, energy, chemical reactions, phases of matter and so much more, in fun and challenging ways. The STEM lab will encourage STEM habits of mind by asking questions each week and observing, investigating and testing to find the answers using Science, Technology, Engineering and Math principles.

  • 4’s, 5’s & Kindergarten classes

Books Alive.jpg
Books Alive

Each week we will read a different children's book and bring it to life, through crafts, songs, dancing costuming and play acting. Fine and gross motor skills will be practiced in the process. 

  • 2-1/2's & 3's classes

Get Ready to Read.jpg
Get Ready to Read

Does your child pick up a book and turn the pages in the right direction? Do they write the few letters they know on every piece of paper they can find? Do they make up silly rhyming words as you’re driving in the car? They’re getting ready to read! These are some of the pre-reading skills we will build on in this class for those students interested in reading and writing. We will play games that build their understanding of how letters and words work. This class is based on individualized instruction so the first semester is not a prerequisite. Let's get ready to read!

  • 4’s, 5’s & Kindergarten classes

Road Trip Across the USA

On this very special road trip, we will travel to some of America’s 50 states. We will find each state on our map and learn lots of facts about each one we visit. We will also learn about some of America’s most famous landmarks while traveling on our journey.

  • 4’s, 5’s & Kindergarten classes

Story Time STEAM

Story Time STEAM will use some favorite read aloud books to create fun and hands-on ways to challenge children’s thinking and problem-solving skills. We will use a combination of science, technology, engineering, art and math to help promote essential learning skills. Through the process of experimenting and exploring, the children will use creative and critical thinking skills to find new and innovative solutions to the problems posed. There will be opportunities for hands-on play with different materials that will allow the children to learn and extend their knowledge.

  • 4’s, 5’s & Kindergarten classes

St. Andrew's Preschool & Kindergarten • 419 South Street, New Providence, NJ 07974 • (908) 464-4878

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